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Lost amphibian search is on. You can post your questions and comments about the search, about amphibians, about amphibian crises, amphibian research, why amphibians and amphibian related questions. Your questions will be answered by these experts: S D Biju, Don C Church, Robin Moore, others...

Question :1

I have a tiny frog in my garden that I would like identified. Please let me know where I can post the picture. Thank you.
Posted by Devi | at 04-04-2011
1Thanks. You can post

Question :2

Hi! Nice site ....)
Posted by shekmoise | at 04-03-2011
1SDB: Thanks

Question :3

Hi, I am rajan born and broughtup in Port Blair, working in ZSI Port blair what i seen frogs in 1987 in great nicobar now it is not found , the green frog
Posted by PT Rajan | at 24-02-2011

Question :4

Hello friends, Keep up the great work. Some suggestions for your consideration: * Please state which of the lost species are recognised taxa. * Please add links to the old literature. Many of them will be available on archive.org or can be placed there so all can read. * An authoritative article on these lost amphibians of India would make interesting reading. * Please wikilink the Wikipedia page wherever it exists for each of the Lost Amphibians of India. * Please provide a link to a comprehensive Indian checklist, preferably a published, peer-reviewed one.
Posted by Ashwin Baindur | at 29-01-2011
1Thanks for the valuable suggestions. LAI team is now identifying their findings. As soon as the findings are confirmed, we will announce/publish and post the information for general public. The first information will be made available to the LAI members!

Question :5

As discussed with Prof Biju earlier over e-mail, I would like to try to locate the following two species of lost amphibians from Bengal where I live and work: 1) CALCUTTA FROG (Fejervarya assimilis) originally described as Rana assimilis by Edward Blyth in 1852. 2) BENGAL TOAD (Fejervarya brama) originally described as Rana brama by Rene Primevere Lesson in 1834.
Posted by Kaushik Deuti  | at 19-01-2011
1Yes, I am so glad to put your name as a leader along with one or more person(s) as a team for searching these species. I have some basic information about these species which I would be glad to share with you. Thanks for the email information about these species. By SDB

Question :6

Hello Sir, Iam Sandeep Varma, from Cochin and Iam a registered member of LAI. I had this doubt in my mind for sometime and would like to clear it out. I went through the list of Wanted Amphibians, some are stated as Last seen 90 yrs ago. Is it actually, that it has been 90 yrs since we have sighted the species in the wild or its been 90 yrs since a new specimen of the species has been collected?
Posted by Sandeep Varma | at 19-01-2011
1Thanks Sandeep. “Last seen” mentioned for each species is calculated from the date of collection, if available. If the collection date is not available then the publication date is considered for “Last seen”. This information is also available in the LAI website. By SDB

Question :7

Who will financially sponsor/support this project especially the field expeditions? R. S. Rao, Andrha Pradesh
Posted by R S Rao | at 19-01-2011
1Absolutely no funding at the moment. All the five expeditions were conducted/supported through the Systematics Lab, University of Delhi. We are exploring to raise grant (s) through writing projects before the monsoon! By SDB

Question :8

Dear Sir, I am from St Stephens and I am interested in the expedition of lost frogs. Pratibha K, Delhi
Posted by Pratibha | at 18-01-2011
1First you please register through the LAI website. By SDB

Question :9

hello I am student of M.Sc.(Biodiversity & Conservation) in GGS IP University New Delhi. I am realy intrested in consevation of wildlife in my course summertraing alo on conservation of biodiversity so can i join you in that time. I can join in other period also tell me detail about your selection process
Posted by pramod kumar yadav | at 17-01-2011
1Dear Pramod, Currently, "Join the Search" registration through the LAI website is still on. All registered members (through the website) are members of the LAI. Selection is based on previous field expedition experience, knowledge on amphibians and of course this project aims to rope in new amphibian lovers. LAI administration is trying to accomodate as many members as feasible in the expeditions. You are always welcome to come and interact with our team by SDB

Question :10

i attended your seminar in Delhi university last year along with r. Moore. I am a B.Sc zoology(h) student in Delhi university. so i want to join in this initiative. so please let me know about joining.
Posted by gaurav | at 16-01-2011
1Thank you for your interest. You may join the initiative via Join The Search link in the LAI website.By SDB
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