SD Biju
Lost! Amphibians of India: Coordinator

Hi, I am Biju, an amphibian biologist at University of Delhi. I am also coordinating the Lost! Amphibians of India initiative. In terms of species diversity, Amphibians are the third most diverse group after fishes, birds, among the vertebrates. But Amphibians are the most threatened vertebrate group in the world. About 20 percent of Indian amphibians are facing extinction due to various reasons. In terms of lost amphibians, unfortunately India has fifty lost species. This is the highest number of lost species from any country in the world. We now have an initiative called Lost! Amphibians of India with a huge target of discovering fifty lost Indian amphibians. So far we have conducted eight searches and we are planning for more intensive search in coming months. Today is a very special day for Lost! Amphibians of India initiative.  We announce the rediscovery of 5 lost species of frogs. We achieved this goal without any project or support from any source other than the team members’ initiative and volunteering. The five lost frogs that we have rediscovered are of great significance to their conservation and its prioritization for future. To me, the rediscovery of Chalazodes Bubble Nest frog requires a special mention. This brilliantly colored frog was rediscovered after 136 years! These exciting results boost our enthusiasm to intensify our research throughout India in the following nine months of this year. I believe this initiative is an important step in the Indian amphibian conservation and systematics.

I thank all members of the Lost! Amphibians of India initiative, especially those who actively conducted the field expeditions leading to the discovery of five lost frogs from India.