21 July 2024,03:04 hours IST
This is a country wide invitation
This is a country wide invitation See if you are a potential member to join the search for LOST! Amphibians of India
Are you concerned when you hear that about 50 amphibians species have been lost in India?
Are you thrilled with the news that scientists have not given up hope and want to start a fresh search?

Are you ready to live through the hardships of forest exploration?
If your answer is YES to all the three questions, then you are expedition material.

Be prepared for thrills and hardships.
Welcome aboard!
Final teams will be selected from the list of individuals who have registered through this website.
Registration for first phase of expedition/research is closed on 27 November 2010. You can find the list of registered members here ... LAI administration is keeping registration open to ensure that any potential members are not left out.
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  2011 January 7
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  2011 January 10
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