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Until this rediscovery there were no reports of this frog since its discovery, presumably due to its secretive nature of living inside reeds
We are extremely happy about this find because of two reasons – it is the most colorful frog of India and this rediscovery comes after 136 years
Ganesan R and Seshadri KS

A century find:Last seen in 1874 from ‘Travancore’- colonial collective phrase referring to part of the southern Western Ghats. Until today no reliable observations have been made of this species since its original description.

This species was rediscovered after 136 years from Upper Kodayar in Tamil Nadu by
Ganesan R, Seshadri KS
and SD Biju.

This frog leads a secretive life presumably inside reeds where the frog rests during the day, and becomes active only at night  – making it extremely difficult to find.

This frog's most distinctive feature is its striking fluorescent green body with ash-blue thighs and groin, and black pupils with golden patches, both highly unusual traits among amphibians.

Listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as Critically Endangered (CR).

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